Alliance Packaging Solution

Your Passion Is Our Satisfaction

Service.. is an invisible sign of caring.

Our service leads to higher customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and creating positive word-of-mouth.

Thus, we have skilled technician team who are trained person and equipped with the tools and

software together customer data and quickly assist with all kinds of inquiries.

Technician Team

We are ready to give quick response and best service within 24 hours.

Repair In-house Jobs

Finding & solving customer’s machine issue within 72 hours at workshop and update demo machine for urgent cases.

Follow Up Customer Feedback

Anticipating or announcing problems in advance and   sharing solutions to relieve any inconvenience.

Training Video

In order to support customer to operate and maintain the machine, we have prepared training video about machine operation and basic maintenance. You can find it by entering to our training zone.

Service Enquiry Form

After you submit this form, customer service team will contact you for additional details.

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Working Hours

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m – 5:00 p.m

urgent cases on holidays

When you can’t call responsible technicians, please contact and submit inquiry to Aps customer service team.