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  • Metal Detector

    Anritsu’s metal detectors detect metal contaminants including ferrous, stainless steel and aluminum. Anritsu’s exclusive technology and expertise deliver highly accurate, reliable, easy to clean metal detection solutions.

  • Checkweigher

    Checkweighers play a vital role in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing by ensuring consistency of product weight. Anritsu’s checkweighers not only weigh products at a high speed and with a high accuracy but also respond to diverse customers’ needs ranging from feedback control for filling machines to HACCP and GMP support.

  • X-ray

    X-ray inspection identifies foreign bodies in products. Simultaneous to contaminant detection, shape analysis, missing items and package integrity issues can be closely monitored to assure overall product quality.

  • Combo Set

    Anritsu’s SSV checkweigher and metal detector combination systems provides outstanding weighing accuracy with simultaneous multi-frequency inspection to help find the smallest contaminant. Maximize your line space and ensure HACCP compliance with a solution that is compact, easy to maintain and simple to operate. Anritsu’s precision engineering minimizes false rejects and provides unrivaled system reliability, giving…